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Who We Are

Hi! We are Jim and Elena. We have 4 children, Raine, Ethan, Joy, and Zoe. When our first child was still just a small toddler, we "hopped" onto the bandwagon of a rather expensive program that claims to teach even babies to read. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out, and it was fairly obvious that our child did NOT develop any reading skills. Putting our child in front of the TV and computer did NOT work... It's kind of silly to think about it now, as I wonder "how could we expect a black box to teach our child to read?" There's just no way that some silly TV/DVD or computer program can replace the loving care and attention of parents, and it is of utmost importance that the parents get INVOLVED and STAY INVOLVED during the entire learning to read process.

So how can we as parents, teach our children to read effectively?

Children Learning Reading - A Simple, Effective Program That Will Guide You Step-by-Step

The large amount of research we had been reviewing during that time, had confirmed with our very own firsthand experience that the whole language learning method produces poor results... And this is also when we discovered the KEY to helping young children develop critical, foundational reading skills.

At this point, we set out to teach our own children to read, and trust me, it's a lot simpler than you might imagine! And what's a better way to stimulate intellectual development than learning to read and reading? With the knowledge we gained, and with the learn to read program we devised, we had taught our first child, Raine, to read at just 2 years 11 months old. We also taught our 2nd child to read before he turned 3 years old as well.

How did we do it? The best teaching method is not sitting your child in front of the TV for hours, and this may even shock you... All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes each day. That's it! Below, we have some video clips of Raine reading at just 2 years 11 months old.

To watch the video again, simply refresh the page (F5)   

Through long hours of research, testing, and trial and error with our own children, we developed a super simple and extremely effective learn to read program that not only allowed us to teach our children to read at just 2 years and 11 months old, but also helped our children develop such robust reading abilities that by the time our daughter was just 4 years 2 months old, she was already reading at a grade 3 level.

Take a look below at how well she reads at just 3 years 4 months old...


Children Learning Reading - An Honest Program, Made by Parents, For Parents

We are proud of our wonderful, bright children, and there's nothing we would like more than to help our children develop to their fullest potential. I also think that this desire is something that's shared by most parents, and you can probably relate! We have spent hours upon hours improving and perfecting our Children Learning Reading program. We taught all of our children to read using our program, and each time we went through the program with our children, we added improvements to make our program even better.

Our program is designed with the child and the parent in mind, and it comes from real parents who has been THROUGH IT ALL. Being parents ourselves who created and used this reading program, we wanted it to be super simple and effective so that YOU can use it to also achieve incredible results with your children. Thousands of parents, just like you, have used our Children Learning Reading program to successfully teach their children to read. You can read what other parents have to say about our program here.

The results speak for itself, and we want to help YOU and YOUR child succeed!

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