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Children Learning Reading

Below are all the program contents and learning to read materials included with our Children Learning Reading program - Standard Package.

Children Learning Reading - Stage 1 and Stage 2

The Children Learning Reading program comes in 2 jam-packed e-books that show you how to easily teach your child to read, spending just minutes each day. It contains a total of 50 step-by-step, simple, yet extremely effective lessons that will...

Help your child develop critical foundational reading skills.

Allow you to enhance your child's intellectual development through the process of reading and learning to read.

Our super simple and powerful techniques will help your child become exceptionally fast and efficient at decoding and reading, and even develop superb spelling abilities, and…

Significantly increase your child's vocabulary, and quickly improve your child's reading and reading comprehension abilities.

You will instill within your child, a genuine lifelong love for learning and reading, setting the stage for future success in life.

Everything you need to help your child develop superb reading skills is contained in these 2 books, and you'll also receive the following great bonus teaching material that's designed to greatly enhance your child's learning experience.


Children Learning Reading - Super Bonuses

Stage 1 Lesson Stories

This e-book contains lesson stories that are matched to the progress of your child's reading ability that come with colorful illustrations to make reading fun and engaging. All the stories contained here are part of the step-by-step lessons of our learn to read program, and these are the exact same stories that we used along with our program to teach our children to read.



Stage 2 Lesson Stories

Similar to Stage 1 Lesson Stories, this book contains all the stories that are used in stage 2 of our program. The stories here are slightly more advanced - designed to match the advanced reading ability of your child after the completion of stage 1 lessons. These are also colorful, illustrated, fun to read and engaging stories that will further develop your child's reading skills.

Both of these are super bonus materials included with our program that will greatly enhance your child's learning experience.



Letter Sound MP3 Audio Clips

Helping your child develop phonemic awareness is one of the key goals of our program, and to be able to teach the phonemes (smallest unit of sound) to your child, you need to be able to say them properly yourself.

This is a complete set of MP3 audio clips that demonstrates in detail on how to properly sound out each of the alphabet letters, so that you are better equipped to teach your child to read.



The Most Common Sight Words

The Children Learning Reading program helps your child develop exceptional reading skills through developing phonemic awareness and through effective decoding and reading strategies. However, not all words of the English language can be decoded and sounded out, and these words are known as sight words. These are words that the reader simply knows by looking at them.

Sight words are pronounced without decoding the spelling of the word, and we want to help you become aware of some of the most common sight words that you and your child will encounter.


Children's Favorite Nursery Rhymes

With our learning to read program, you child will develop superb decoding and reading abilities, and we want to provide your child with fun to read material that can further enhance their learning.

This book contains 35 fun to read and entertaining nursery rhymes for children. It is also colorfully illustrated to make reading fun and engaging.



You Receive Lifetime Program Updates and 12 Weeks of One-on-One Support

We want to do everything we can to make our program a success for you and your child! Once you come onboard with our program, we will be with you and your child every step of the way.

On top of everything you see above, you will also receive lifetime updates to our program. We love our children and we are passionate about what we do. As good as our program is, we're still constantly looking for ways to improve it, and you can be sure that whenever we release updates to our program, you'll be the first to receive it!

Better still, you will also receive 12 weeks of one-on-one support from us! We will personally respond to all your questions and comments. You can count on advice and guidance from knowledgeable and experienced parents who has been through it all.

Children Learning Reading - Premium Package Contents

Our Premium Package contains everything included with the Standard Package as you see above, plus the following add-on items to greatly enhance you and your child's learning experience.

Children Learning Reading Lesson Videos & Workshop

This is a set of 4 videos totaling 2 hours 24 minutes. It's a series of videos documenting the 12 week learning to read process which we went through with our second child, Ethan. We made video recordings of each lessons starting at lesson #1 to the end of the 3 months period, and through these videos, you will get to see firsthand, exactly how we go about teaching our children to read. You will watch and discover how it's possible to teach a 2.5 year old toddler to read, and read phonetically; you will learn how to go about enabling a young child go from not knowing any alphabet letters to reading words, sentences, and even short stories. Children Learning Reading makes it possible. We also include workshop sessions in the videos discussing, sharing, and highlighting critical, key points on how to teach your child to read. Total video length is 2 hours 24 minutes.


Children Learning Reading Video Edition

This is made for you - the parent. This is a video programming that explains our program in detail, and it highlights all the important strategies and techniques to use that will help you and your child achieve the best results using our learn to read system.



Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 1 Lessons

Our reading program is structured in a logical manner and is laid out in easy to follow, step-by-step lessons. Within each of the lessons, new material is introduced including letters, letter sounds, new words, sentences, stories, and rhymes.

The pre-set printouts are designed to make preparing for and delivering the lessons extremely simple and hassle free for you, so that you can concentrate and focus on teaching your child how to read. Simply hit the print button, and you're ready to go!




Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons

There are a total of 50 lessons in our program that will take your child from not knowing the alphabet, to becoming an accurate and fluent reader. 28 lessons are contained in stage 1 while 22 lessons are contained in stage 2 of our learning to read program. Similar to stage 1 printouts, these pre-set printouts are for all the lessons contained in stage 2 of our program.




Stage 2 Lesson Rhymes

With the developing reading abilities of your child, we include numerous fun to read rhymes with many of the Stage 2 lessons in our program. These rhymes are contained in the lessons and are also designed to be appropriately matched to your child's reading ability.




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