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Children Learning Reading Testimonials
and Results Disclaimer

Testimonials Disclaimer: The testimonials posted on this website are all from real people who have used the Children Learning Reading program. No payments are ever made for any of the testimonials, and the results are reported by the users of our program. Please note however, results may not be typical, and the learning to read results cannot be guaranteed for all children and parents.

What You Might Expect: For a normal child that is able to speak, a parent who is able to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day on a consistent basis can expect to see improvements in the child's phonemic awareness and reading abilities within 4 to 12 weeks. However, the progress of the child depends on many factors such as age of the child, maturity of the child, and the dedication of the parent to spend time teaching the child. The results CANNOT be guaranteed for all children and parents.

For example, for our own children, we spend on average 10 minutes each day (EVERYDAY), and we were able to help our young children achieve exceptional reading skills. Again, please keep in mind that these results may not be typical. Our program will NOT cure or correct any disabilities, difficulties, problems, or any other conditions related to learning, reading, and development.


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