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Teaching Toddlers Reading

How do you teach a toddler to read, and when can you start teaching toddlers reading? Many parents might think that children start learning reading in kindergarten or grade 1, and that to teach them to read, it begins with learning the alphabet letters and sounds. The fundamentals of learning reading starts much, much earlier - starting when the child is still an infant. As parents and caregivers, the adults lays the foundation for developing reading skills in their children day by day through talking to, singing to, and reading to their babies and toddlers.

But why would you read or sing to an infant that does not know any word meanings yet? Talking to and reading to children helps with their language skills development. It helps children learn about the spoken language, learn about word meanings, and helps develop their vocabulary. Aside from this, it creates a safe and loving bond and relationship between the parent and the child, and helps to set the stage for a life long love of reading and learning.

How to Teach a Toddler to Read - Start When They're Infants

Help your children develop their language skills by talking and singing to them often. There are lots of oppotunities to do this - when you change their diaper; while giving them a bath; when you are feeding them; or when you're simply holding and cuddling with them. Start reading to your child using simple and colorful storybooks.

As your infant grows into a curious toddler, continue with reading aloud sessions. Reading bedtime stories is a great way to "cooldown" and prepare them for sleep time, and helps them to get into a habit of enjoying reading. This becomes an important step in teaching your toddler to read. Help draw their attention to letters and words as you read by pointing to where you are reading. This helps them develop print awareness, and develop an understand that the printed shapes they see represent the sounds that we speak.

Provide alphabet blocks and other learning toys such as magnetic letters for your child to play with. The important thing to note here though, is that instead of only teaching your child the letter names (as this is what most parents will be tempted to do), teach also the letter sound as well. It is through learning the letter sounds and working with letter sounds (such as blending) which eventually helps the child learn to read, and this is known as phonemic awareness. You can also help develop your toddler's love of books and reading by taking them to the library or a bookstore, and let them pick their own books that appeals to them.

Start Teaching Toddlers to Read

Some might think that a 2 or 3 year old is too young to learn to read, and wonder if it's even possible to teach a child this young to read. However, small children can learn to read, and you can start teaching your toddler to read today. If you find it hard to believe that a 2 or 3 year old child can learn to read, please watch the short video below:


The video above shows various clips we recorded of our daughter reading at just 2 years 11 months old - about 11 weeks after we began teaching her to read. What's more impressive is that by the time she was 4 years old, she was reading at a grade 3 level. With the experience we gained from teaching our first child, we taught our second child, our son, to read when he was 2 years 9 months old.

The thing to keep in mind here, is that this is not a rare occurrence. In fact, we have helped thousands of parents teach their young toddlers to read as well, with our Children Learning Reading program. We have received hundreds of feedback from parents just like you, who have used our program to successfully teach their toddlers to read. Please see customer reviews here.

Teaching a young child to read is not a simple task; however, it doesn't have to be difficult either - if you have the right tools and use the correct methods. Our program is simple, straight forward, and the lessons take just minutes to complete. But the result speaks for itself.

To Learn more about our super simple and effective reading program, please click here to watch a short presentation that will show you how to teach your toddler to read.


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