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Children Learning Reading Reviews & Testimonials

The Children Learning Reading program is a proven and tested learn to read program that has received numerous reviews and testimonials from our customers - from parents who have used our reading system to successfully teach their children to read. Please see the reviews below:


Hi Jim,

Your program is amazing! I ordered it last summer because after Kindergarten my son could not read at all! His teacher said he would never be able to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wanted to hold him back because he couldn't read. Well needles to say, we said no & vowed to teach him ourselves..... then we found your program.

We had only completed Stage 2 lesson 3 when he started 1st grade, but he is reading and the teacher is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and RAVES about his progress.

My only regret is that I did not know about your program when he was smaller. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and in such a small amount of time he was reading words and craving more! He is even writing words on his own by sounding them out. 

He reads reads reads!!!! You are a lifesaver! My family can't say enough good things about your program.

Thanks Again,

- G. C.




We are at the final 3 lessons of stage 1 of the manual. I have found having the bonus material a great help. Your program is easy to use and makes a whole lot of sense. Its a great reminder as a parent and lets me prepare for each lesson. I have used the print outs mostly though as they were easy to print off and then use each night with my little boy . I then go back to the computer to check the manual and make sure I'm keeping up with the lessons.

My child is a 4 year old boy and has the concentration span of a gnat, but patience is everything. The changes are there though and he is starting to blend words on his own and can decipher each word fairly easily. The lessons are great as you can make them really short on some days and longer if he's in the mood.

I am very happy with the results we are getting. Slow but steady and leaps and bounds above what he would have got in Daycare. I have found it very rewarding being able to help him with this lifelong skill. Our reading time together, on most nights, is a lovely bonding time between us and lauchie is very proud of himself. If he has tried hard and concentrated each night the fairies bring him a golden star while he sleeps. His stars are on the wall in his room and he knows that he is learning something he will need forever.

Thank you for your programme.

- Zoe B.



Hi Jim,

I am very pleased with the progress my daughter is making.
She is on letter G now. She seem to remember the sound each letter very quickly and she can actually sound out most the words herself with my help.

My daughter has learned how to read and sound out the words herself. She can now read sentences and short story. This program has definitely worked for me and works for my daughter.

Best Regards,

- Peggy L.


Hi, Jim

I have two children - Oscar who turned 5 in August and Sarah who turned 3 in September. Anyway, I got this programme for my son. The reason why I started to look for some programme for my son's reading in the first place was that the teachers at his reception class told me that Oscar was not able to say some sounds correctly (a bit delayed compared with other children in his class). Although he was only four and youngest in his class, it made me worry, and started to notice his pronunciation issues (bad habits). Even though the teachers pointed out the issue, they did not seem to have any clue how to work on this matter and did not try to help my son much. The books they gave Oscar as homework was not structured for him to learn step by step, and confusing.

My wife and I took him to a speech therapist via National Health Service, who told us that we should not work on his sounds because we can "put him off" and wait for 6 months until the next appointment after the initial assessment. But, I knew that it is a long time to wait (Oscar will reinforce his own bad habits of saying wrong sounds while we wait). So, I started to help him every day with his sounds/speech. But, all the materials I came across did not have any step by step and systematic approach for my child to learn reading and learning sounds, then I found your programme on the internet, which I have found extremely helpful. I really like it because it breaks down reading and decoding sounds into most basic steps, and children learn them step by step logically. I must admit that I cannot always make it fun for Oscar, but his reading ability has improved dramatically and his pronunciation issues almost gone - in the end, the speech therapist said actually Oscar does not need to have any practice session because he can now say all the sounds correctly. He has also gone up to the highest level in his reading books which his school (class) gives him for his homework. A few months ago he was almost at the bottom of his class in his reading but now has gone up so much.

At the moment, Oscar is still doing lesson 4, Stage 2 on your reading programme. He still needs to learn a lot more but I am extremely pleased with his improvement so far, thanks to your programme. We will continue it, and update you with his further progress.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

- N. F. Great Britain


Hi Jim,

We are working our way through the lessons and have just finished lesson 19. My daughter is 3 yrs and 9mths. She loves doing her lessons, so much so that they often go on well beyond the 10 minutes you suggested again hope this was ok.
I want to thank you for your reading programme which seems so well organised and logically set out.

Kind regards

Johanne M.


Hello Jim,

The book was really helpful. It helps my daughter who is 5 years old to read simple words now which was a nightmare before as I didn't know how to teach her properly. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow the consistency of teaching them daily as both me and my husband are not only full-time parents but full-time employees too, therefore, we are not around daily during children's time which is between 8am-8pm, so I can only do it when I am on a day-off. With that, I only manage to teach the 1st book and will still be going on to the 2nd book.

My son who is 3 years old is reading little by little which is a good sign.

I can definitely say, your program is brilliant. I will recommend it to other parents who are struggling to teach their children how to read.

Thank you once again.

Respectfully yours,

- Maria C.



We completed your program and it was fantastic. It was very easy to follow, and straight forward. Taya became so much more confident sounding words out and generally reading. Reading is no longer a chore! Unfortunately the school hasn't recognised her reading ability and she is still on very basic readers at school but she reads short novels at home.

I have passed your website onto a few friends, hopefully they have been in contact…… Lots of people complain that it is hard to teach their child to read, however they are not willing to put in the effort and set aside the time each night to work with them. I found it easy once I established a routine. I have always read to the children each night so we had the foundation already there, your program was great in that it was a whole package and easy to work through. Thank you,

- Jane M., Australia



Hi there, 

I want to let you know of Sarah's progress. Sarah is brilliant, and we found that teaching blending was really helpful, and started Sarah off really well. 

She had however learned to 'blend' at about 20months, and so I did start really early. Sarah is now 29months, and really loves books and reading, she constantly wants to do her 'words', and can read all 3 letter and most other longer words with a bit of help and encouragement. 

In summary, we started very early and therefore fun was the most important element of the teaching. When teaching to blend, your cards and also the instructions really helped me as this is my first child and i've never taught anyone to read before. 

Sarah had the tools in order to learn to read for ages before becoming truly enthusiastic about it and the enthusiasm has just happened in the last month. So we are all really excited to see her improvement which seems to be coming in leaps and bounds now she really wants to read

Anyway, I really appreciated the advice and instruction from your learn to read program and I believe this has helped to get the progress we have.

Kind regards

- Clare S. (mother of Sarah 29months)


The Children Learning Reading program was very easy to understand and follow. The lessons were quick and effective. I added these lessons in with other materials I was already using.

I think this program is great with teaching kids phonics once phonemic awareness is mastered. Many of the students I work with have great learning difficulties. This program gave my students access to decoding strategies that will increase their fluency. Overall, I think this program was a great foundation for beginning readers.

- Kim T. (Reading Specialist for Pleasanton Unified School District)


Hello Jim,

Your program is very easy to follow and understand, and I have not had any problems so far. 

I wanted to have my child get a solid foundation in learning how to read. I really like how the program is put together. It not only gets children reading, but it also gets them thinking about how language works and how to apply the information outside of the program.

This program has exceeded my expectations.

- Alanna G.


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