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why children learning reading works so well

Children Learning Reading Review - Why It Works

We're all concerned about the growth and development of our children and want the best for them. To be successful in school and later on in life, we must master the most critical skill of reading. Our goal at Children Learning Reading is to provide you with a simple to use, extremely effective, and robust learn to read program that will allow you to teach your child to read spending just minutes each day. You can feel confident in a reading program that comes from two parents who created and used it to teach their own children to read before they were 3 years old.

Our learning to read program works because:

  • The techniques and methods of teaching children to read are based on current research and evidence.
  • Our approach is unique because it comes from parents just like you who needed a sure-fire solution that would teach very young children to read in a simple, step-by-step manner.
  • The Children Learning Reading program is thoroughly tested with kids and parents - it allowed us to teach all of our kids to read before age 3, and has helped thousands of other parents teach their children to read. (See testimonials here.)
  • Our program will quickly help your child develop superb phonemic awareness skills, which is critical for developing reading fluency.

The Children Learning Reading program is simple to teach and works superbly to teach children as young as 2 years old to read. Our program:

  • focuses on helping your child develop phonemic awareness, which is the most essential step for developing reading skills.
  • the reading lessons of our program are delivered in easy to understand and easy to follow, step-by-step lessons.
  • the lessons are delivered in a logical and sequential order that allows you and your child to achieve the best results.
  • to make it work with young children, our program lesson plans are designed to be brief, but extremely effective. Typical lessons take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Our program REQUIRES the participation of the parent (YOU) in the learning to read process. You and ONLY You can be the BEST teacher for your child - to help your child develop the most important skill in life. It is paramount that you spend a little time each and everyday to teach with your child to read and bond with your child. This will be one of the MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCES for you and your child.


Children Learning Reading works because it requires your participation during the learning to read process. Unlike many other computer, DVD, or television programs, our learn to read system needs you to be actively involved in the entire process. If you're unable to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day bonding with and teaching your child to read, and if you prefer to just leave this most important task up to a black box such as the TV or computer, then our program is probably not for you. But if you are able and willing to spend a little time teaching your child to read each day, then you will quickly discover that our Children Learning Reading program is a fantastic investment you will make for your child's future.

You will NOT be putting your child in front of the television for hours on end with our system. No way! In fact, we do not recommend that small children watch television to learn how to read - our children and YOUR children deserve better.

Our program teaches your child to read in a logical, bottom-up approach starting with letters and letter sounds.  The alphabet letters and sounds are introduced to your child in a sensible, sequential and intuitive order. Exercises and practices are included right from the start that will help your child develop superb phonemic awareness skills - one of the prerequisites of becoming a fast and fluent reader. New words, sentences, and simple stories and rhymes are slowly introduced as your child begins to develop exceptional reading abilities.

You and your child will progress at a pace that you're both comfortable with. Our program puts you in charge, and gently guides you through the teaching process with our step-by-step lesson instructions, helping you to maximize results.

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