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Children Learning Reading ADVANCED PHONICS Lessons

The ADVANCED Phonics Program Teaches ALL The Complexities Of English In 33 Additional Lessons That Are Logical, Sequential, and Easily Understandable.

It Is A Perfect Addition To Your Phonics Foundations Program.

Click The Button To Order And Get Instant Access To The Advanced Phonics Reading Program Download (ONLY $129 $39 USD):

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What's Included:

(Digital Download Only)

33 Additional Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons that will enable parents to help their child master the most important life skill to succeed.

Avoid all the prep time with our digital lesson printouts for all 33 ADVANCED lessons - Hit "Print" And Be Ready to Teach!

No teaching experience necessary! Simply watch our lesson videos showing exactly how I teach the lessons.

Parents do not need to know phonics or phonetics to teach their child to read! We have MP3 audios for all the ADVANCED phonics sounds taught.

Fun Lesson Activities and Beautifully Illustrated lesson storybook containing level appropriate reading material for the advanced lessons.

Order Now (69% off): ONLY $129 $39

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Let Me Show You What I Mean By ADVANCED Phonics...

What makes English difficult is that it contains sounds that have multiple spellings and also where one single spelling can represent multiple sounds!

For example, there are 8 (eight!) different ways to spell the long A /ay/ sound:

- a Table

- ai Mail

- ay Play

- ae Sundae

- a_e Lake

- ey Grey

-eigh Eight

-ea Steak

Looking at the -ea spelling above - it can also represent 3 completely different sounds!

Long A /ay/ sound: Steak

Short E /e/ sound: Bread

Long E /yee/ sound: Speak

Did you know that the R-controlled vowels (-ar, -er, -ir-, -or, -ur) can represent unique sounds, but they can also represent the same /er/ sound?!

-ar Farm

-er Farmer

-ir Girl

-ur Burger

-or Fork

The -ar and -or spellings can also represent the /er/ sound:,

Calendar, Wizard, Actor, Visor

Can You Imagine Teaching All This To Your Child?

You would totally confuse a poor child if you tried to teach all these complexities of English all at once! Oh my...

But not to worry!

My ADVANCED PHONICS program follows a logical and sequential order of learning that makes it very simple to teach all of this to your child.

You don't need to have any phonics knowledge, or have any teaching experience. Simply follow our super simple, step-by-step lessons to achieve incredible results with your child.

Get The Additional 33 ADVANCED PHONICS Lessons And Take Your Child's Reading & Spelling Abilities To The Next Level (ONLY $39)

Here's What's Included:

33 step-by-step advanced phonics lessons to teach the complex "code".

(Along with the 32 lessons in our Phonics Foundations Program, you will have a total of 65 simple and effective phonics lessons to transform your child into a super reader.)

Printouts for all 33 advanced lessons. Hit "print" and you're ready to teach!

MP3 audios for all of the complex sounds taught in the advanced lessons.

Illustrated lesson storybook containing level appropriate reading material for the advanced lessons.

Order Now (69% off): ONLY $129 $39

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Noriko's Daughter (3 years 8 months) - Reading Progress @ 2.5 Months and 6 Months

Farah's Daughter Kaira (4 years 5 months) - Reading Progress @ 2 weeks, 8 weeks, and 1 year

Michael's Son (4 years 6 months) - "He routinely will read his favorite book of the week for show-and-tell in his Pre-K class. The teachers are blown away by his reading ability. "

Riya G. (7 years 6 months) - Riya was a struggling 2nd grade student. She could not read at all before joining my program. After just 8 weeks of lessons, she could read at grade level!

Can A 3yr Old Read & Comprehend? You Bet!

A common question I get asked often is, "does the young child understand what he/she is reading?" The answer to this is ABSOLUTELY YES! Our program not only teaches children to read well, but it also teaches them to comprehend! This video shows a 3 year old child reading the short story from lesson #16 in our Advanced Phonics program, and also working on the comprehension check included with the short story.

Watch Amazing Expressive Reading By This Child

From reading CVC words at the start, to reading storybooks fluently after just 6 weeks! Her mom wrote:

"I bought your books in the last week of June and started teaching my five year old from July first week.. My daughter was comfortable with CVC words blending before starting this program so completed the stage 1 within a week.. I started stage 2 from mid July and it’s unbelievable how quickly she picked up.. She finished stage 2 in almost 5 weeks and has been comfortably reading ever since.. it was so liberating and she feels in charge all the time.. This is the best money ever spent.. Such a brilliant program!! Thank You"

JSP's Daughter Reading Short Story "Dad's Farm"

JSP Started our program when his daughter was 3yr1m old. He's a busy working dad too! He wrote:

"We started when she was around 3Y1M and as you can see from our previous conversations, she was a little bit reluctant at the beginning but after following your suggestions we kept on reading and practicing everyday even just for a short time! The thing is I am not a full time dad at home so I have only limited time with my daughter. I am so glad I persevered and the power of habit really changes my daughter! Now she would just sit down and get ready to read when I tell her it’s reading time."



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